Game story plan INDUCTION

Story base/ genre:



Setting: Set in an abandoned  foggy tunnel, with no one nearby

Idea: a young girl has just woken up in an abandoned tunnel, with minor vision, all she can see is blurs. However as she explores the tunnel she finds items that bring back memories, which then enhance her vision, As her vision gets better she then  notices more of her surroundings, such as doors she hasn’t seen before other items that she hasn’t seen before that not only enhance her vision but help here bring memories back, of how she even got in the tunnel at first, which then helps her find her way back outside. However , to make things a bit more fearful, she creates horrifying illusions with her mind, that will make it harder to go through some of the tunnel paths.

Image result for FOGGY TUNNEL     Image result for FOGGY TUNNEL    Image result for FOGGY TUNNEL