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How i created an animation in todays lesson

Firstly i changed the workspace settings to animation, followed by by inserting 3 shapes on to my workspace,


app research

According to recent statista figures, around 139million smartphones were sold worldwide in 2008. However, in 2016, statista figures demonstrated that there are now over 2 billion smartphone users. Furthermore, these users have downloaded billions of apps all together every year,  concluding with the result of the mobile app development industry to develop from a relatively new business into a billion dollar industry.

One of the bigger changes that has happened to app development over the years, relates to downloading the software itself, as before the process of downloading an app was  different and was so much more difficult to do. It consisted of the user having to visit a shop in person, find the product they are looking for, then pay for a technician to install the software within their computer. However with the Apple store and google play store,  consumers can now research and download apps them selves onto their devices in minutes.

This process of digitally downloading software has enabled a new type of mobile app developer to enter the global marketplace. As mobile analyst Chetan Sharma explains: “It could take many months and even years before the complex negotiations were over to launch the apps. Independent developers rarely had a shot … Now, a student in a dorm can become an overnight sensation. It takes only minutes and hours to get something in the market”.

Now with the ability to design, develop and launch mobile apps quicker and more accessible than ever before, big platforms such Apple’s app store have now expanded at an insane rate. When apple’s store was just opened in 2008, the store offered 500 apps available for download. However today Apple’s app store consists of 1.5million apps and an additional 1.6million android apps.

With the app industry becoming so large, competition is increasing to secure paying users. According to figures shown on Entrepreneur  magazine around 46% of mobile app users are paying customers. Which lead to over 45billion in revenue for mobile app developers in 2015.

with the industry being so big, App designers  have now shifted to towards designing unique gaming experiences, which reward users with loyalty, for example, mobile gaming apps have started to incorporate loyalty statuses within their games to reward and encourage  frequent players. Whereas mobile gaming apps used to be very simplistic their format,

An example of one the first devices was released in 1980 the ‘Psion Organiser’ was not capable of doing much however, it had a small amount of built in software such as a calculator, diary, text editor.

‘Essence’ game concept

Settingmoodboardmoodboard 2

moodboard 3Character-guardian developmentCHARACTER MOODBOARD1moodboard character 3moodboard characer 2Game platform ideasmoodboard platform 3platform moodboardMOODBOARD PLATFORMmoodboard platformsCharacter movement moodboardmovement moodboardenemiesmoodboard1Essence, a 2d scroller game that involves maths to defeat your enemies in  combat. The game will consist of a story line and a one versus one multiplayer mode. The story is about a boy stuck in a nightmare, with a guardian, where he has to pass through a huge forrest and overcome his fears, the fears will mostly be the mobs you find in the forrest, after defeating enough of the mobs the fear gets cured. The aim is to pass through to the end of the forrest without dying, before getting to a checkpoint.

The game will  begin with a wide character selection where you can choose the guardian of your main character, this guardian will specialise in something for example, addition or algebra. As the game begins a HUD will appear  on your screen demonstrating where everything such as, the health of your character, your guardians health and the points you have collected.

You will then be spawned into a futuristic setting of a forrest, that you and your guardian have to pass through. While doing so you will encounter obstacles that you will have to overcome, for example, the toxic water and big jumps. However, the forrest will also contain mobs to stop you from passing, and bosses that would require more time to get through. Furthermore, there will be two health bars your main characters health- Georgie’s  and your guardians, however in order for you to actually get defeated in game, both of the characters health has to be lowered to Zero. As there are two characters only one character will have their health drained at a time, so the first character to die would be the guardian. After the guardian dies, Georgie will then have to carry on through the forrest by himself trying to collect coins. However when Georgie collects 100 coins, the guardian will be revived and spawn back in with full health. Furthermore, if Georgie does not end up getting 100 coins before a mob appears, the combat will be harder as he deals less damage to the opponent.

Combat, when entering combat with an enemy, you will have a option of powers appear on screen next to your opponent, one-three ‘powers’ but to defeat the the opponent you must choose one of the powers, each power will contain a maths questions, one being the easiest and three being the most challenging. After selecting a power then answering the question that comes up correctly, your guardian will deal damage to your opponent, however if the power you chose was lower, such as ‘one’ the damage you deal will be lower, than what you could of dealt with a higher power.Furthermore, if you answer a question wrong, your opponent then gets a chance to attack you and decrease your health. You will also get hints to how to solve the question if the guardian you chose specialises in the sort of question given to you. This will then help you improve in what you’re not so great at in maths, by choosing the guardian wisely.

getting through certain parts of the forrest, you will get check points, at these check points your game will be saved and you will get a review of how you did,  a list of things you did good and could work on, for the math aspect of the game.

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moodboard ff

game idea mood boardTexture of tiles moodboard




game research




Characters for game ideas/development

To start of with my research I went on Pintrest, to collect ideas of simple character designs, here are some designs I found interesting and could use to develop my own work.


The thing I mostly liked about this character/character animations, is that it’s simple and is something I can use to develop my work. For this artists character design, you can see that he has only used one perspective of the character, his side with the shield but he also used a lot of different animations to go with the perspective. This is an idea I can consider as I will also be making a 2d character.

For the next example I looked at was the ghost like character, which was drawn out as the same shape, however every drawing had a slight adjustment to mainly his eyes or had a mask put on, which caused him to look like a different character, in the first example on the bottom half of the image, it shows the regular ghost, but just by changing his eyes in the next drawing it changed the character to look similar to spider-man.




For my next step, I looked at some examples on how to actually draw simple characters, that could potentially be used in a game , as I don’t have great drawing skills, this helped me out as i knew where I could start to draw the character, and how the drawing progresses.


Examples of games similar to my character research

Pacman, an arcade game that was developed by Namco and first released in Japan, 1980.

The characters that are used in this game are very simple, that look like circles with a bit cut out of it to represent the mouth. Furthermore, the aim of the game is to move around a maze-like 2d map and collect food for Pacman, however there are other characters  moving around trying to eat you before you eat all the food, so you need to move tactically around the maze to not get caught up by the others. If you collect all the food for Pacman you get moved on to the next stage, where everything gets faster and makes it harder for the player to move on to the next stage.

This game is similar to the ghost character artwork, I’ve seen throughout my research, as all the characters are similar but have different eyes and are coloured differently. However, this was one of the most famous games.

My next example of a simple 2d game is Mario.

Mario’s first game was released in 1981- sprites from the donkey kong, which was a arcade style game, that didn’t have much to it, it consisted of a 1v1 mode where you would go versus Luigi in a battle mode, Or a mode where you would have 2 pipes at the top where enemies would drop down to you, that you had to slay and try to get the highest score.

As the game franchise went on the game got developed and eventually turned into a 3d game with a storyline, that has many different levels. However, the characters and mainly the maps and map backgrounds stayed  to be similar  just had better graphics.

Mario is a good example for me to help develop backgrounds, as they are simple even in the newer versions and are good enough for people to play the game even now.

Blur- is a racing game, that includes many other features other than just coming first, one of which, is abilities you are able to pick up during the race, abilities that give an advantage, such as speed boosts and attacking abilities that will damage the





Treatment for hope animation

The animation is called Bhrek ever after, This animation will be aimed mainly at teenagers, as there is some comedic scenes that a younger audience might not understand. Link:

This animation is one minute long, with a really metaphoric story that symbolises many things. Animation begins with Bhrek by him self under the stars, the scene stays still, while the background colour changes to a darker shade, the sun moves and changes into the moon. Furthermore, as the day changes to night, Bhrek turns into another form of his, Bhrek the car and moves over to the right, just like the sun moved from left to right. The animation then stops, and slowly zooms into Bhreks face, which then cuts to him eating the moon.

The main character in this story is Bhrek, an ogre that lives by himself, but has ears witch are coloured different to each other, one is red one is green. Bhrek the ogre is a character that appears to seem like a happy ogre to the audience.

This animation created in  a few different softwares, illustrator, after effects, adobe animate and photoshop, photoshop and illustrator was mainly used to create the basic shapes of the character Bhrek, Adobe animate was the main software i used, to create the animation.

The music used for the animation  is very calm to represent Bhreks boring life, and to show how much eating his dream food meant for him.

The reason i have chosen this idea is because, its different it might look quite silly, but it actually contains many metaphors of and symbolisation for hope, an example are his ears, they are coloured differently, to show how he isn’t perfect, but he still never gave up on his dreams, as he was hopeful.

Problems that i have encountered, figuring out how to make it look smooth, you can see that, from the start of the animation when Bhrek moved over to the right, it wasn’t really smooth, however to the end of the animation i got used to the software and figured out different ways of how to show the character moving. Which made the last scnene seem much better than the rest of the animation.

For this animation, there actually might be some legal and ethical considerations, as my character is a bit similar to a the character Shrek, which is a well known movie.

To create this whole animation it took me around 20 hours, The development of the characters, the research creating the characters with a final finish in illustrator and photoshop didn’t take too long, however the actual. animating was a struggle as at first i had no idea how to use the software and i had to watch videos on how to use it as i was animating.


Treatment for stop motion

The title of my short stop motion animation is M for bird, which will last 5 seconds, with a younger target audience. The animation contains a simple storyline, of the letter M transforming into a birds beak and into the actual bird. The only character the story will involve is the bird when has been transformed. I chose this idea with the whole transformation  thing because i was given to letter m to work with for my animation and i have to include it in some way.

The equipment i will have to use, a camera and some sketches of the animation. some problems im likely to encounter- not having enough drawings, to fill in all the frames and make it look smooth. To complete this i would need around a day to finish  the drawings and a few minutes to construct the piece

However from reflection, this wasn’t the best idea for my stop motion animation, so i changed it. M for making. The target audience, is mainly focused at children, as my story is quite child friendly and was made with play dough.

The stop motions story line is quite simple, as the work i have chosen to do with me letter is making. The animation begins with a finger click, and shows a ball of play dough on the table, that then develops into a little play dough character, with a few details on him like its mouth and eyes.

To set up this animation all i needed was a camera, and some decent lighting, when the pictures were taken, all i had to do was rename all the images, to make it easier for myself when constructing the piece on after effects. When all the images were in order on after effects, i had to play with the amount of time each frame is shown, to make sure my animation reached the 5 second mark. Furthermore, after all i sorted out the composition of the animation, i went and collected some sounds, i ended up finding some sounds that matched the title of the animation, a sawing noise and a hammer noise, to make it sound like something is being built.

The reason i have chosen this final idea is because its quite easy to make it clear to the audience and have them understand the story, instead of having my bird idea, which would just be unclear.

To complete this animation i just needed some play dough, and a clear setting, The reason for having the character made of play dough is because its easy to form a human figure with it.

A small problem i had was when i didn’t rename all the images in order to make it easier for myself in after effects, what ended up happening is i was confused of the order they are supposed to go in, however the problem was simply sorted when i renamed all the images.

Furthermore, to complete this animation it only took me around an hour to take the pictures create the character and put the sound and animation together.



HOPE assignment kongbooksHope

A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

‘he looked through her belongings in the hope of coming across some information’
-hope can mean different things, to different people.
Examples of hope -Toy Story
Toy Story is about the ‘secret life of toys’ when people are not around. When Buzz Lightyear, a space-ranger, takes Woody’s place as Andy’s favourite toy, Woody doesn’t like the situation and gets into a fight with Buzz. Accidentally  Buzz falls out the window and Woody is accused by all the other toys of having killed him. He has to go out of the house to look for him so that they can both return to Andy’s room. But while on the outside they get into all kind of trouble while trying to get home.
Hope is shown as they carry on looking for home while they get in all sorts of trouble.
The impossible- Hope of survival when a family experiences a tsunami.
 2D Animation Techniques
Rotoscoping -Rotoscoping is another technique where the animators trace over footage frame by frame for use in live-action and animated films.
StopMotion-the process of filming objects one frame at a time while incrementally moving or modifying them, giving the illusion of lifelike motion captured. This technique has been recently used in a movie called-Kubo, where they only use made puppets and move them frame by frame, replace heads and use cgi for some parts such as the talking and the special effects like waves.
Drawn On Film- A 2D animation technique, this where you directly draw onto the film stock. However, you would just draw on shapes, no characters or anything difficult to draw. 
Cell animation- when you make lots of layers and move them when needed, while the background is a fixed image.animation timeline
 animation timelineThe development of my idea. To start of with my animation idea was quite mainstream a man wishing to start up his own business and one day actually getting the pizza business he wished for. I then changed this idea up a lot, created much more unique characters,  Bhrek and Bhrek car form. The development of Bhrek, to start of with i tried to make a crazy scientist looking character buy then i thought of making it different by making him an ogre that lives by himself.
 For my animation i used very simple characters and a simple story line, that represented hope- in which Bhrek the main character drives over closer to the moon but suddenly grows big enough to reach the moon, his dream… eating the moon. Bhrek takes his opportunity and has the feast of his dreams. To animate this i used after effects, flash animate and illustrator to draw the characters, mostly using the brush tool and adding some colour.However for the last scene of the animation it cuts to a different setting where Bhrek actually eats the moon, this was all drawn in flash animate.
Some things that worked well in the animation. The scene that really stood out was when i zoomed into Bhreks face to make it look like he is getting bigger, but it also had a comedic effect on it, which worked out well. However for improvements i think i should have drawn out better backgrounds, instead of just grass the moon and the sky, a swamp would have worked much better.
Furthermore, i’m quite satisfied with the final finish, as it demonstrates a sense of hope but also has a comedic effect in it, with many deeper meaning in it, metaphors and symbolisation. An example of symbolisation is how Bhrek is different and has odd body parts, showing how is isn’t perfect but he still carries on to try and achieve his dream, because of the hope he still has in him.
For my animation, i also collected feedback  through graphs which helped me understand the issues of the animation and what was done well, one of the issues people had was, that the colours made them feel sick. However there was a big percentage of people that it made feel hopeful. In the survey i made for my feedback i also asked for what they think the animation symbolises, as my animation does seem quite simple but has a message, for example his ears, they are not the same colour, he is not perfect… but he still got to achieve his dream. Another comment that stood out in my survey  for the symbolisation of the animation is “A lot of things, both red and green are often used on things like traffic lights in order to represent concepts like stopping and going. To me this represents how even though things may go wrong we should never give up and that we should keep going”.  As i have mentioned before in the short film Bhrek transforms into a car so this Traffic Light metaphor has many layers to it, much like Bhrek himself. In conclusion for my feedback i notice that a big part of the answers to my survey were really positive and they really understood the meaning behind the simple animation.
This project took at least 20 hours of working, which isn’t too bad really, i ended up having a bit of time left over to research animation it self and the techniques used in animation.
In conclusion i think that my animation worked perfectly, as it’s different but unique in its own way, however there were a few problems i came across in the making, an example is trying to get the animation look smooth when Bhrek was moving while transforming into a car, i ended up fixing this, but just for the last scene, the most important scene when Bhrek achieves his dream, of eating the moon, to fix this i ended up drawing the scenes inside the software.
In conclusion, i’m happy with my animation, the part that worked best for me was the ending when Bhrek eats the moon, as its the perfect finish to my animation. However something  would change next time would be making all the characters inside flash animate as it’s then easier to make them move.
Stop motion animation movies -moodboard
moodboard movie
How stop motion works. Stop motion is captured one frame at a time, usually with of physical objects moving, as you would place the object then move it for your next frame. When you have taken enough images and play it back you get to see the illusion of the objects moving.

29th november 2016 audio

today i started my audio researched, to begin it, i started to compare 2 games with different audios in them, and started to talk why they use the audio, i also attached some links of actual game audio in both games,

1/1/17- today i researched on why game sound is important, a link that that helped me write up why is

23/1/17- today i made a new track on garageband using non diegetic sounds

1/2/17 today i started my second sound loop

8/2/17 today i went back to my audio research and added on a few things about diegetic and non diegetic sounds.