FMP Evaluation

Research evaluation

 My entire FMP was direct observation as it is a film 

 A big portion of my film had scenes inspired by movies I referenced in my blog for example ‘Shutter Island’ however there were parts made from memory, for example, the ending and the introduction 

 While doing my research I did not run into many problems for the most of it. However, I did have to miss out on a bit of my primary research that I wanted to do. Visit a Mental health hospital, I did research some that were closest to me but both the ones that were close enough for me to go turned out to be abandoned. So I interviewed a few students instead.  

Where did you look for research? Was it helpful? To find most of my research which were references mostly I used youtube for the other partI found a website that leads me to other websites which talked about the illness I researched. Mostly the youtube videos helped, for example, the videos that demonstrated in a video how the illness feels/looks like from the person point of view. 

Some Designers/ photographers and content creators on youtube influenced my work.Mostly photography that I found on ‘Pinterest’ While I was creating the mood boards I ran into many different types of Noire photography which had some differences in color something I took into consideration was a dark red themed noire filter for the film. However, the Photographers which influenced some of my work were anonymous. 


Planning and Time Management:

For time and management, some of the tasks that I planned to do took much longer than I expected. For example, my filming was planned to be finished in a week of college around 15 hours of recording however, this went over my plan and went into around 2 weeks of filming, as trying to keep my actors calm was difficult at times

 My planning to organize all my tasks turned out to be quite effective as most of them were completed by the date and time I wanted them done by however some of it after filming did fall apart to random times because of the filming going a week over. Some tasks that I ended up doing at unorganized times were finding and making my sounds.


Developing and Modifying Work


Throughout the Final project I did end up making some adjustments to the film the reason for that being was my filming was taking too long and I had to change the shots up a bit as organizing everyone to record and the film was difficult because of some not listening and messing around at times. For examples, scenes were simplified after the dilemma within the story happened after the first appearance of The main actor’s imaginary person was shown  

 I considered many different ideas, after coming up with a few ideas I went around and asked a few colleagues which ideas they liked and anything they can add. To a point, my idea felt developed enough for people to approve of the idea.   However, after looking at the final outcome it seemed to me as the idea might not have been developed enough 

Furthermore to begin with my first idea was to create an animated film but then realized I would definitely not have enough time. Making a film itself nearly dragged me over the deadline 

When researching I experimented with colors and themes for the film and presenting the experiments on mood boards, I also spent a lot of my free time researching different sorts of effects I was potentially going to use within my edit of the film, the effects ranged from basic filters to distortion effects. I ended up testing some of these effects in Premiere Pro and Audacity which I presented in a video.

 When I began to develop my Final Project, I first thought about the ideas of what I could do which I took about a month to do, while still adding things like illness research and references to the blog in the meantime. I do like to think I spent enough time developing ideas but in the outcome, the ideas may appear to not be as developed to me as I could have done. 


Materials, Techniques, and Processes

 Some techniques I used were Filming techniques. For example different types of shots like extreme close up shots mid shots and many different types of shots i did this to not make the film boring as if the shot remains the same throughout the film it would appear to be simple and it does not often present enough of what the viewer wants to see for example when my main actor encounters his imagination I present different views of and shots to show that he isn’t actually there. However, I did encounter difficulties of some of my techniques and processes due to possibly not having enough time, a big difficulty was setting up the lightning which I didn’t get to even do in most of the scenes. Some of the effects and processes impacted my final outcome because things like some of the sounds I made make the piece sound more intense.


The Final Outcome

 I presented my work on a blog because it looks neat and is easy to find 

My Final project also fulfilled the requirements of the brief because of the link I made to modern life which mental illness. The Final outcome turned out to be made pretty well I like to think because of how much time I put into it. However, I could have possibly made it better if I had enough time to organize my actors better and actually used some lightening tricks. 


Strengths and Weaknesses

  A few things I did well for the project is taking actual shots followed up by making a pretty successful edit, however, something I would have improved if I could be developing the story a further. However, throughout the project, my work improved quite a bit as I added sounds and different effects.


 If I were to do the project again something I would do differently is asking a few more people about the idea of my film to try and develop it further. Furthermore, I have also learned a few things from this project, for example, multiple editing techniques on premiere pro, in addition, to also learning how to use audacity, mainly the echo/ delay effect. 


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