Pixar short film research

An example of a Disney short film- Paperman

Storyline: A man and a women meet at a train station and have a cute encounter, however, before the man got to speak, the women got on her train, The audience then see the man at his office job, as he suddenly sees the same women across the road in the opposite building, he then gets excited thinking he will be able to see her again, and attempts to get her attention by trying to throw paper airplanes across the road into her window.

The plan does not work, and triggered his boss, he then stands up throws all his paperwork on the floor and runs out trying to meet the women as she leaves her building. He does not find her. Furthermore, he then walks past all the aeroplanes that he threw, which get summoned into a force that push him towards the women, while the same happens for the women but with only one aeroplane. Which concludes with them meeting again at a train station.

In order to make paper man the short film happen, a new tool was developed called Meander. This allows the underlying CG of an animation to be modified with 2D drawings by individual artists to include more detail. The technique also allowed the artists in not having to focus all of their time on making specific areas, however, they could form into a team and pitch in on different areas of production.

Having used meander Paperman was able to demonstrate a lot of emotion and natural movement within the short film.

Black and white – the visual effect of the short film being presented in black and white makes t appeal as an old movie. Black and white movies are often associated with the romantic genre. the classic visual effect also makes the story seem timeless as the costumes are simplistic and can be associated in any time frame.

the animators animated the characters by using 3D models and inverse kinematics were used to help create the short film. This is when you get a skeleton of the characters to move the characters.

the animation then gets rendered with just a filler for the characters. the artists then go over the frames of the animation and in the 2d image for the frame, they add detail.

they use motion vector render technique so the that the texture that the artists add to the frames moves smoothly with the animation.

job roles-

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.57.54



Technical artist

Story artist






































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