‘Essence’ game concept /development

Settingmoodboardmoodboard 2

moodboard 3Character-guardian developmentCHARACTER MOODBOARD1moodboard character 3moodboard characer 2Game platform ideasmoodboard platform 3platform moodboardMOODBOARD PLATFORMmoodboard platformsCharacter movement moodboardmovement moodboardenemiesmoodboard1Essence, a 2d scroller game that involves maths to defeat your enemies in combat. The game will consist of a storyline and a one versus one multiplayer mode. The story is about a boy stuck in a nightmare, with a guardian, where he has to pass through a huge forest and overcome his fears, the fears will mostly be the mobs you find in the forest, after defeating enough of the mobs the fear gets cured. The aim is to pass through to the end of the forest without dying, before getting to a checkpoint.

The game will begin with a wide character selection where you can choose the guardian of your main character, this guardian will specialise in something for example, addition or algebra. As the game begins a HUD will appear  on your screen demonstrating where everything such as, the health of your character, your guardians health and the points you have collected.

You will then be spawned into a futuristic setting of a forrest, that you and your guardian have to pass through. While doing so you will encounter obstacles that you will have to overcome, for example, the toxic water and big jumps. However, the forrest will also contain mobs to stop you from passing, and bosses that would require more time to get through. Furthermore, there will be two health bars your main characters health- Georgie’s  and your guardians, however in order for you to actually get defeated in game, both of the characters health has to be lowered to Zero. As there are two characters only one character will have their health drained at a time, so the first character to die would be the guardian. After the guardian dies, Georgie will then have to carry on through the forrest by himself trying to collect coins. However when Georgie collects 100 coins, the guardian will be revived and spawn back in with full health. Furthermore, if Georgie does not end up getting 100 coins before a mob appears, the combat will be harder as he deals less damage to the opponent.

Combat, when entering combat with an enemy, you will have a option of powers appear on screen next to your opponent, one-three ‘powers’ but to defeat the the opponent you must choose one of the powers, each power will contain a maths questions, one being the easiest and three being the most challenging. After selecting a power then answering the question that comes up correctly, your guardian will deal damage to your opponent, however if the power you chose was lower, such as ‘one’ the damage you deal will be lower, than what you could of dealt with a higher power.Furthermore, if you answer a question wrong, your opponent then gets a chance to attack you and decrease your health. You will also get hints to how to solve the question if the guardian you chose specialises in the sort of question given to you. This will then help you improve in what you’re not so great at in maths, by choosing the guardian wisely.

getting through certain parts of the forrest, you will get check points, at these check points your game will be saved and you will get a review of how you did,  a list of things you did good and could work on, for the math aspect of the game.

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game idea mood boardTexture of tiles moodboard

walk-cycle-1This is the first attempt at making a walk cycle, however it did’t turn out to look ideal because the hands did not move. To create the walk cycle i used photoshop, Firstly i set up my page to have 500 width and 500 hight in pixels with 72 resolution. Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.28.22Followed up by this, I copy and pasted all 7 stages of my walk cycle that I created on illustrator to then have 7 layers of the walk cycle on photoshop,Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.30.12After having all the layers in Photoshop I then created a frame animation. Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.31.25 I then put all the stages in order, followed up by making the animation go on forever and setting the walk cycle stages to change every 0.1 second.

For my second attempt at creating a walk cycle i developed the arm movement, by having the arms move up and down a bit. Furthermore, I also noticed that my first animation had some of the shadows moving within the head of the robot, every frame which didn’t look well made. However in my second Gif I maintained the shadows in the same place without having it teleport randomly. WALK-CYCLE-2-

Making the background, to start of with I drew up a rough sketch in my sketchbook of how i want my background to look likescam bg, I then scanned my book and traced over what i drawn up in my book, this helped me draw up a variety of trees inillustrator that i could then duplicate throughout the mapbackground environment. However, after having drawn up an average a4 background I needed to extend it to see how it would look like with all my tiles for the level in place, to do this i used the art board tool Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.31.09 which allows me to extend the page, and add more blocks to see how a full level would look like Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.31.16

To get the colours, i used Adobe Color, before going into it i knew i wanted a darker set of colours, as my game is set in a forrest. Firstly I just tried out different sorts of colours for my mountain, after a while i noticed that a light blue colour worked pretty well, I then looked at the colours number and copied it into Adobe Color Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.43.36

This lead me to have a set of colours that work well with each other, taking this into consideration I used the brown -like colour to colour in my trees and my blocks.Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.44.34.png

Character combat GIFcombat-robot

to create this gif I Illustrated 6 stages of the arms moving to crate an attack animation, I then copied them onto Photoshop to create a GIFScreen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.24.16

I then went onto testing how my game could possibly look while the character is moving across the level with a enemy in sight test which then lead me to developing my enemy characters attack movement, BHREK-GIFCOMBAT-ROBOT-AND-BHREKHere I created a GIF to further demonstrate how the combat could works and  how you could get ambushed at random times by enemy’s you will come across and need to defeat in order to proceed your way through the forrest.

However, to further improve my combat system I went on to create the 3 ‘power’ options you get before attacking the enemy, which lead to the maths element of the game.Untitled-1.jpg

having chosen a lower power, the question to appear would be easy, if answered correctly you will deal damage to the enemy Untitled-1.jpg.




The basics made in unreal


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