Treatment for hope animation

The animation is called Bhrek ever after, This animation will be aimed mainly at teenagers, as there is some comedic scenes that a younger audience might not understand. Link:

This animation is one minute long, with a really metaphoric story that symbolises many things. Animation begins with Bhrek by him self under the stars, the scene stays still, while the background colour changes to a darker shade, the sun moves and changes into the moon. Furthermore, as the day changes to night, Bhrek turns into another form of his, Bhrek the car and moves over to the right, just like the sun moved from left to right. The animation then stops, and slowly zooms into Bhreks face, which then cuts to him eating the moon.

The main character in this story is Bhrek, an ogre that lives by himself, but has ears witch are coloured different to each other, one is red one is green. Bhrek the ogre is a character that appears to seem like a happy ogre to the audience.

This animation created in  a few different softwares, illustrator, after effects, adobe animate and photoshop, photoshop and illustrator was mainly used to create the basic shapes of the character Bhrek, Adobe animate was the main software i used, to create the animation.

The music used for the animation  is very calm to represent Bhreks boring life, and to show how much eating his dream food meant for him.

The reason i have chosen this idea is because, its different it might look quite silly, but it actually contains many metaphors of and symbolisation for hope, an example are his ears, they are coloured differently, to show how he isn’t perfect, but he still never gave up on his dreams, as he was hopeful.

Problems that i have encountered, figuring out how to make it look smooth, you can see that, from the start of the animation when Bhrek moved over to the right, it wasn’t really smooth, however to the end of the animation i got used to the software and figured out different ways of how to show the character moving. Which made the last scnene seem much better than the rest of the animation.

For this animation, there actually might be some legal and ethical considerations, as my character is a bit similar to a the character Shrek, which is a well known movie.

To create this whole animation it took me around 20 hours, The development of the characters, the research creating the characters with a final finish in illustrator and photoshop didn’t take too long, however the actual. animating was a struggle as at first i had no idea how to use the software and i had to watch videos on how to use it as i was animating.



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