Treatment for stop motion

The title of my short stop motion animation is M for bird, which will last 5 seconds, with a younger target audience. The animation contains a simple storyline, of the letter M transforming into a birds beak and into the actual bird. The only character the story will involve is the bird when has been transformed. I chose this idea with the whole transformation  thing because i was given to letter m to work with for my animation and i have to include it in some way.

The equipment i will have to use, a camera and some sketches of the animation. some problems im likely to encounter- not having enough drawings, to fill in all the frames and make it look smooth. To complete this i would need around a day to finish  the drawings and a few minutes to construct the piece

However from reflection, this wasn’t the best idea for my stop motion animation, so i changed it. M for making. The target audience, is mainly focused at children, as my story is quite child friendly and was made with play dough.

The stop motions story line is quite simple, as the work i have chosen to do with me letter is making. The animation begins with a finger click, and shows a ball of play dough on the table, that then develops into a little play dough character, with a few details on him like its mouth and eyes.

To set up this animation all i needed was a camera, and some decent lighting, when the pictures were taken, all i had to do was rename all the images, to make it easier for myself when constructing the piece on after effects. When all the images were in order on after effects, i had to play with the amount of time each frame is shown, to make sure my animation reached the 5 second mark. Furthermore, after all i sorted out the composition of the animation, i went and collected some sounds, i ended up finding some sounds that matched the title of the animation, a sawing noise and a hammer noise, to make it sound like something is being built.

The reason i have chosen this final idea is because its quite easy to make it clear to the audience and have them understand the story, instead of having my bird idea, which would just be unclear.

To complete this animation i just needed some play dough, and a clear setting, The reason for having the character made of play dough is because its easy to form a human figure with it.

A small problem i had was when i didn’t rename all the images in order to make it easier for myself in after effects, what ended up happening is i was confused of the order they are supposed to go in, however the problem was simply sorted when i renamed all the images.

Furthermore, to complete this animation it only took me around an hour to take the pictures create the character and put the sound and animation together.




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