HOPE assignment

https://youtu.be/IpqKDmTiDx0king kongbooksHope

A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

‘he looked through her belongings in the hope of coming across some information’
-hope can mean different things, to different people.
Examples of hope -Toy Story
Toy Story is about the ‘secret life of toys’ when people are not around. When Buzz Lightyear, a space-ranger, takes Woody’s place as Andy’s favourite toy, Woody doesn’t like the situation and gets into a fight with Buzz. Accidentally  Buzz falls out the window and Woody is accused by all the other toys of having killed him. He has to go out of the house to look for him so that they can both return to Andy’s room. But while on the outside they get into all kind of trouble while trying to get home.
Hope is shown as they carry on looking for home while they get in all sorts of trouble.
The impossible- Hope of survival when a family experiences a tsunami.
 2D Animation Techniques
Rotoscoping -Rotoscoping is another technique where the animators trace over footage frame by frame for use in live-action and animated films.
StopMotion-the process of filming objects one frame at a time while incrementally moving or modifying them, giving the illusion of lifelike motion captured. This technique has been recently used in a movie called-Kubo, where they only use made puppets and move them frame by frame, replace heads and use cgi for some parts such as the talking and the special effects like waves.
Drawn On Film- A 2D animation technique, this where you directly draw onto the film stock. However, you would just draw on shapes, no characters or anything difficult to draw. 
Cell animation- when you make lots of layers and move them when needed, while the background is a fixed image.animation timeline
 animation timelineThe development of my idea. To start of with my animation idea was quite mainstream a man wishing to start up his own business and one day actually getting the pizza business he wished for. I then changed this idea up a lot, created much more unique characters,  Bhrek and Bhrek car form. The development of Bhrek, to start of with i tried to make a crazy scientist looking character buy then i thought of making it different by making him an ogre that lives by himself.
 For my animation i used very simple characters and a simple story line, that represented hope- in which Bhrek the main character drives over closer to the moon but suddenly grows big enough to reach the moon, his dream… eating the moon. Bhrek takes his opportunity and has the feast of his dreams. To animate this i used after effects, flash animate and illustrator to draw the characters, mostly using the brush tool and adding some colour.However for the last scene of the animation it cuts to a different setting where Bhrek actually eats the moon, this was all drawn in flash animate.
Some things that worked well in the animation. The scene that really stood out was when i zoomed into Bhreks face to make it look like he is getting bigger, but it also had a comedic effect on it, which worked out well. However for improvements i think i should have drawn out better backgrounds, instead of just grass the moon and the sky, a swamp would have worked much better.
Furthermore, i’m quite satisfied with the final finish, as it demonstrates a sense of hope but also has a comedic effect in it, with many deeper meaning in it, metaphors and symbolisation. An example of symbolisation is how Bhrek is different and has odd body parts, showing how is isn’t perfect but he still carries on to try and achieve his dream, because of the hope he still has in him.
For my animation, i also collected feedback  through graphs which helped me understand the issues of the animation and what was done well, one of the issues people had was, that the colours made them feel sick. However there was a big percentage of people that it made feel hopeful. In the survey i made for my feedback i also asked for what they think the animation symbolises, as my animation does seem quite simple but has a message, for example his ears, they are not the same colour, he is not perfect… but he still got to achieve his dream. Another comment that stood out in my survey  for the symbolisation of the animation is “A lot of things, both red and green are often used on things like traffic lights in order to represent concepts like stopping and going. To me this represents how even though things may go wrong we should never give up and that we should keep going”.  As i have mentioned before in the short film Bhrek transforms into a car so this Traffic Light metaphor has many layers to it, much like Bhrek himself. In conclusion for my feedback i notice that a big part of the answers to my survey were really positive and they really understood the meaning behind the simple animation.
This project took at least 20 hours of working, which isn’t too bad really, i ended up having a bit of time left over to research animation it self and the techniques used in animation.
In conclusion i think that my animation worked perfectly, as it’s different but unique in its own way, however there were a few problems i came across in the making, an example is trying to get the animation look smooth when Bhrek was moving while transforming into a car, i ended up fixing this, but just for the last scene, the most important scene when Bhrek achieves his dream, of eating the moon, to fix this i ended up drawing the scenes inside the software.
In conclusion, i’m happy with my animation, the part that worked best for me was the ending when Bhrek eats the moon, as its the perfect finish to my animation. However something  would change next time would be making all the characters inside flash animate as it’s then easier to make them move.
Stop motion animation movies -moodboard
moodboard movie
How stop motion works. Stop motion is captured one frame at a time, usually with of physical objects moving, as you would place the object then move it for your next frame. When you have taken enough images and play it back you get to see the illusion of the objects moving.

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