driving simulator audio research

The differences between racing games and the audio they use, in this case Forza and mario kart. Firstly- Mario kart, is a fast pace game that does not mainly focus on the actual driving of the vehicle, Furthermore, to match the fast pace game, Mario Kart uses quite intense, fast pace music…like this MARIO KART audio.However, a game like forza horizon  that mainly focuses on the actual driving, uses more unique songs. The purpose of Mario kart using a fast pace audio is to make the game feel a bit more fun as the audio matches the what you’re seeing.

Purpose of game sounds- game sounds help the player understand better what’s going on in the game and give them a sense of familiarity, it also makes you feel more engaged as what you hear matches to what you’re seeing on screen, like if you’re playing a horror game you would feel more engaged with sounds as you can hear whats going on around you while as seeing what’s in front… sounds help set the mood.

Audio that i created- track 1 this is the track that could be used for the option menu before you start up a race, it’s a bit different to the normal fast pas track, but it would fit well, to create this track i use quite a few different layers, including bass. The track ended up coming up to 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Track 2- my music loop, for this i used a bit more of a fast pas beat, to match the atmosphere of the in game race, having a fast beat would keep the player feel involved.

to create my loop i researched many racing games, by watching youtube videos, mostly i watched blur game music,Mario and Forza horizon. which all contained quite similar upbeat fast pas, music, just Mario didn’t include much bass in their  audio.

Diegetic sounds definition- these are sounds that have been recorded, for example in movies someones footsteps, however non diegetic sounds are sounds that have been edited in, non diegetic sounds are often used in movies to make the scene seem intense, like a racing games music,

For my sound loops, i will be applying non diegetic sounds, as this will make the loops, a step closer to making them seem similar to normal racing game music, as none diegetic sounds would make the loops sound more intense.


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