Assignment-architecture in London posters- evaluation and research.

poster v3poster-3-tele-boxtube-map-posterartboard-1Evaluation-

For the posters i have created, i had to compare them to a professionals work,  some of the differences in my final design is the unique background i ended up using, in comparison to a professionals simple background.However, i also noticed multiple similarities, such as the basic shapes i used, and having my logo small.

I also tried to maintain a target audience, to do so, i had to keep the posters neat and simple.  screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-13-29-19As you can see here i have only used 4 layers, too keep it simple. The main tool i used for this design was the pen tool, to create the unique streetlight figures-followed by a few simple shapes to represent the London eye, having just the shapes that represent the London eye makes it a bit more interesting as it could represent other things for people too.

Other tan the Pen tool i also used the quick selection tool, in Photoshop, i used this tool to remove some of the background from my picture of smoke that i took, after i was done removing some of my background, i then went on to making the smoke a bit faded so it does not stand out when i put objects over it.

Overall, i would say that my final design worked out pretty well, as the background did not stand out too much, but enough to catch a viewers attention. The font i used i was also happy with as it hinted a mysterious image which relates to the poster.fonts

Here are some fonts that i tried out before choosing my final font.

However, for my final poster i didn’t really use any colour just one shade of black, as i wanted it to be simple but mysterious, the only colour on the poster in the font- and to get this colour i used adobe colour, as it is the easiest to use and helps you choose the right colour very easily. Furthermore, for my background i didn’t really adjust the colour as it was like that in the image i took and suited the poster very well in the end.

My alternative posters.

For my first alternative poster, the one with a telephone box and unique triangle shapes, i find it quite similar to professionals work, because of how i used simple shapes to create well known architecture in London, A telephone box, and a few triangles. Once again very simple but interesting to draw attention.

However for this poster i tried out quite a few different fonts compared to my main poster design. More of old fashioned and and curvy text, in comparison to the simple line text used in my main poster. However even though i tried i different fonts for this poster i ended up using the same font as on my main as it suited it, so well also. Here are some fonts i used for my first alternative poster.font-poster-backup

Furthermore- colour for my first alternative poster i did not use any special colour, but just 2 shades- white and black. This gave it a dark and old mood/theme, to represent how long ago some of London’s Architecture was created.

Finally, my last poster- second alternative. This poster was the most difficult to create, but the least simple.

The process- firstly i had to get up a picture of London’s underground tube map, when i has that up i turned down the capacity to see where i am going with my pen tool, however going free hand really didn’t work out, as the lines were so inaccurate, i then decided to put a grid up and put it so the grid is locked, this then helped me have straight lines when creating a simple version of the tube map, when i was done going over some parts of the tube map, i then turned my tube lines capacity down, then turned them white, as having them all different colours was too much and made you look al over the poster. When the tube lines were done i then opened up another illustrator file, and created two very famous buildings in London with the pen tool, however i made them look very simple as it is more mysterious that way. Finally i inserted the buildings on to of the tube lines and just had to choose the perfect font again and colour. For this poster i ended up using an actual colour for the font, as when i tried to use black or white it would blend in too much and wasn’t really that noticeable. I then went on to adobe colour and selected and nice pink bright colour to stand out from the poster.

 colourScreen Shot 2016-12-15 at 14.23.55.pngOverview, overall i would say my posters are quite interesting and and unique, but there are some things i could improve on, one of which is my patience, when creating long pen tool pieces, such as my tube map and the telephone box, after completing the designs i seemed to notice there were some little mistakes made like the random lines next to the outline. To prevent something like this in the future i should be more patient.


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